• Parent Update School Calendar

    June 30, 2020


    Prior to the move to distance learning in March of this year, many discussions were taking place in Lakeshore and other Berrien County school districts about a possible move to a pre-Labor Day start for school in the fall of 2020. The District looked at several options and weighed the pros and cons of each. Then came COVID-19 and the move to at-home learning. As part of our Back-to-School Committee work, we have determined that the move to a pre-Labor Day start made the most sense for the coming fall. With that in mind, the first day of school for Lakeshore Public Schools students will be August 31, 2020.

    Our thoughts:

    • This coming school year, Labor Day falls on September 7th, the latest possible date for the holiday. If we continue with a post Labor Day start, this would mean the first day for students would be on September 8, 2020, adding a full week of an already extended absence from school.
    • Our students have been away from school now since March 16, 2020. The move to an August 31, 2020 first day of school gives us an opportunity to get the students back to school sooner.
    • A post-Labor Day start would push the final day for students to June 16, 2021 if no changes are made to the current school calendar. For comparison purposes, the first day of school during the current school year (2019-2020) was on September 3, 2019 with the final day of school slated for June 10, 2020.
    • A vast majority of districts in Berrien County have made the move to a pre-Labor day start for 2020-2021. Aligning our calendar with the other county districts allows us to better align our programs where we share students such as Career Technical Education (CTE) and Special Education.

    Key Dates on the 2020-2021 Calendar:

    August 25-26, 2020 - Teachers Report

    August 31, 2020 - First Day of School for Students

    September 4-7, 2020 - Labor Day Break

    November 25-29, 2020 - Thanksgiving Break

    December 19, 2020 - January 3, 2021 - Winter Break

    January 18, 2021 - Dr. Martin Luther King Day - no school

    February 15, 2021 - President's Day - no school

    April 2-11, 2021 - Spring Break

    May 31, 2021 - Memorial Day - no school

    June 10, 2021 - Last Day for Students/Staff

    We will share a more detailed calendar in the coming weeks.

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  • June 30, 2020 Update

    Governor Releases Return to School Roadmap

    Today at 3:00 PM, Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference where she was joined by members of the Return to Learn Advisory Council to unveil the Return to School Roadmap to help guide districts toward a safe reopening of schools in the fall. We are encouraged by knowing that we anticipated much of what was laid out in the Roadmap and are optimistic that our ultimate plan will support the safe return to school.

    Here are the key take-a-ways from the release:

    • The Roadmap provides required and strongly recommended safety protocols to keep school communities safe. These protocols are based on the status of each region as described in the MI Safe Start Plan. (find link below)

    • Depending on the status of MI Safe Schools, there are three scenarios for school opening in fall 2020.

      • Schools open for in-person instruction with minimal required safety protocols (MI Safe Start Phase 6).

      • Schools open for in-person instruction with moderate required safety protocols (MI Safe Start Phase 5).

      • Schools open for in-person instruction with more stringent required safety protocols (MI Safe Start Phase 4).

    • Schools will not open for in-person instruction and instruction is provided remotely if a region continues to be in phases 1-3 in the MI Safe Start Plan.

    • Our region is currently in Phase 4 according to the MI Safe Start Plan.

    As you might expect, it will take some time to digest the multiple components of the Governor’s plan for reopening schools in the fall. We feel well prepared to take on the challenges presented with reopening schools in the fall because of the work that has been taking place in committees charged with developing contingency plans for several scenarios. With the Return to School Roadmap now in place, we will be able to focus our efforts on finalizing the plans to educate our students safely in the fall. This work will continue to be done in collaboration with area Superintendents and the Berrien County Health Department.

    Thank you in advance for your patience!  Your support through this pandemic has been nothing short of incredible.  We will continue to work in the best interests of our stakeholders as we develop plans for a safe return to school!  


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  • MeetUpEatUp

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  • June 10, 2020 Update

    As we conclude what has become the most unusual of school years, I would like to express my personal gratitude and sincere appreciation for your partnership and support as we managed the challenges created by this global pandemic. We recognize the impact this has had on our staff, students, and their families and empathize with the struggles faced as we shifted into an emergency remote learning plan. Together, we have all faced challenges head on. Teachers found new ways to teach and connect with students and parents. Our students found new ways to learn and engage with their teachers and classmates. Our parent community took on new roles and worked tirelessly to support their children and schools. I applaud all involved for their effort and resilience through this final quarter of school.

    Please click on the link below to view a fulll update that includes a Message to Our Seniors, Information on Our Work Toward Opening School in the Fall, and a brief update on Budget Concerns Due to COVID-19.


    June 10, 2020 Update (link)


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  • Lakeshore Announces Official District Facebook Page

    In a further effort to promote a positive school community, we have launched an official school district Facebook page.  Please search for Lakeshore Public Schools to access and LIKE our new page.

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  • Three High School Students Have Art Featured in

    Kalamazoo Institute of Art High School Student Show video!

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  • Resources for Families

    The two documents, linked below, offer resources for families.

    The first was created by our Healthy Minds - Healthy Lives team. In the document, you will find resources that support mental health and wellness.

    Healthy Lives Healthy Minds Community Resources 

    The second document provides educational enrichment activities including learn at home resources, links to virtual field trips, activities to disconnect from technology, and resources to use when talking to children about COVID-19.

    Home Activities 

    We hope you find them useful.

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  • Student Well Being

    Click the image above to go to the district page on Coronavirus (COVID-19) information. 

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    Young 5's Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year is now open for district students who will turn 5 years old between June 1 - December 1.

     Click here for Enrollment information and required documentation 

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  • Lakeshore Public Schools Named to 20 Best Places to Work in                   SW Michigan List

    Best Places to Work Banner

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  • Image result for LAKESHORE school bus images 

    We're hiring friendly bus drivers. 

    Please inquire: 269-428-1412

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