at Kohn Fieldhouse

  1. Community Walking Hours at KOHN FIELDHOUSE

    1. November 4, 2024 to March 26, 2025

    2.  Monday - Wednesday - Friday (when school is in session and not on half days)

    3. 11:30am - 2:00pm

    4. Community Walking Hours Schedule - Click HERE

    5. Reasons that the Community Walking Hours would not be available

      1.  If there is no school according to the District Calendar (District Calendar Link). 

      2.  If Lakeshore Public Schools is closed due to weather or any extenuating circumstances.

      3. If LPS School events are scheduled during the walking hours that require use of the Fieldhouse and/or track 

  2. Open to residents of Lakeshore Public Schools

  3. Guidelines for participating in Walking Hours

    1. No Charge - FREE

    2. Must change shoes upon entry into the building to use the track

      1. Locker room area available to change shoes and store boots/shoes and coats while walking

      2. Lakeshore Public Schools is not responsible for lost or stolen items 

    3. No use of any other part of the facility during walking hours

    4. No Food or Drink (other than water) on the track

    5. Joggers should use the inside 2 lanes and walkers should use the outside 2 lanes

    6. Refusal or non compliance with Guidelines will be grounds for dismissal

School Facility Rental Information

To request use of our school facilities on weeknights, please complete the updated Facility Use Form  and view the Fee Schedule and Regulations & Rules As a way to recoup our costs associated with utilities, labor, and building upkeep when our schools are used after hours, a new fee schedule has been implemented.

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